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About Colorbloq


About Us

Our name and space is inspired by the concept of ‘color-blocking’, the process of taking opposite colors and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. We see our space -- complete with colorful shipping containers -- as a blank canvas to design experiences that bring people together from diverse walks of life.

The key things that define Colorbloq are 1) Creativity in the Simple Things, 2) Diversity is Complementary, and 3) It’s more fun Together.

The creators share an entrepreneurial spirit and creative passion. They are driven toward building community and creating something out of nothing, and Colorbloq was a happy accident through experimentation.

Our Team

Our amazing and remote team is on a mission to change how we design and operate physical space that brings people together.

Monelle Abaya, Community & Events Manager

Genevieve Roja, Operations Manager

Kristine Capuno, Venue Assistant

Alex Lee, Partner

Allen Wong, Partner

Dennis Wong, Partner

From left to right: Allen, Genevieve, Monelle, and Dennis.

From left to right: Allen, Genevieve, Monelle, and Dennis.


435 Brannan St #110
San Francisco, CA 94107

Our entrance is at the rear of the building. From Brannan St, head down the alley on right side of building (you'll see the TechSoup entrance and our Colorbloq logo at the mouth of the alley), at the end of the driveway make a left, and you'll see our sign.

Our hours are by appointment only.